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CSRD Own Workforce reporting is complex. We are here to make it simple. Our solution takes care of the heavy lifting, saving time, effort and unnecessary stress. With Crunchr, HR and People Analytics teams get:

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The Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD) is about bringing transparency to the business world. ESRS S1 Own Workforce, one of the social standards within CSRD, requires HR and people analytics to comply with 50+ people metrics. Many large organizations are impacted by the CSRD starting from January 2024, leaving just a few months to get their reporting ready for compliance. So don’t wait, get started today and avoid any risk to your organization.

Compliance at your fingertips

Centralize your ESRS S1 data

Simplify CSRD requirements effortlessly with Crunchr. Our platform consolidates all necessary ESRS S1 data into a single platform, providing a clean and comprehensive overview of your metrics. Partnering with Crunchr not only propels your Own Workforce reporting but also ensures auditors of data accuracy and completeness. 

Ready-to-use CSRD dashboards​

Speed up your journey to compliance. Our intuitive people analytics platform ensures swift and simple implementation of ready-to-use CSRD dashboards. You won’t have to worry about deciphering complex data sets or spending hours trying to make sense of them. Our easy-to-understand visuals and metric explanations empower you to contextualize information and derive meaningful insights with confidence.

Tailored Reporting

CSRD demands adaptable reporting. Each organization’s workforce-related CSRD requirements may be different. Crunchr’s customizable CSRD Workforce dashboards empower you to tweak metrics, infuse reports with contextual details, explanations, and unique insights. Craft reports that mirror your company’s distinct profile effortlessly. 

Categories of Own Workforce metrics

Workforce targets

Policies, remediation, and risk reduction ensuring holistic employee well-being.

Employee characteristics

Headcount, turnover, and employment types by gender, region, and more.

Diversity metrics

Diversity at different levels of the organization, including gender and age distribution.

Adequate wages

Compliance with adequate wages and reporting into workforce remuneration. 

Social protection

Workforce safety measures and incidents, related accidents or health issues.


The percentage of employees with disabilities and their distribution by gender.

Training & skills

Employee participation in performance reviews, and average training hours.


Gender pay gap and CEO pay ratio across categories, countries, and segments.

Social dialogue

Coverage rates by bargaining agreements and workers’ representatives.

Health & safety

Coverage of workers by safety management systems, incidents and lost workdays.

Work-life balance

Family leave entitlement, usage by gender, and leave entitlements for all workers.

Incidents & complaints

Discrimination incidents, human rights complaints, fines, penalties, and more.  

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Trusted by leading organizations worldwide

Trusted by leading organizations worldwide