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The Workforce
Planning Tool

Knowing how your workforce works enables you to build an effective workforce strategy. Use Crunchr Strategic Workforce Planning and never get caught off guard. 

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The future of work

New technologies are fueling innovation. Businesses are reinventing themselves and pivoting operating models. But what is the impact on the workforce that needs to deliver on these changes? How will people work, with what skills and in which context? Crunchr’s Planning anticipates the implications of this new future and helps you to design a fitting workforce strategy.

The Workforce Planning Tool
that works for you

Form a strategy

Crunchr Planning helps you translate your business objectives into a people agenda with measurable goals.

Design big workforce decisions

Use Crunchr as your digital strategy consultant. Intelligent intuitive wizards guide you to predict how many and what type of people your business needs based on your strategy.

Collaborate within your organization

HR, Finance and other departments can share projects with each other. Strategic workforce planning requires teamwork.

Integrated platform

Crunchr’s Strategic Workforce Planning tool is in sync with Crunchr People Analytics and HR Dashboards. It uses the same clean data and definitions.

Workforce Planning Tool

Business scenario building

Forecast headcount, costs and related metrics, such as diversity and tenure.

Supply and demand planning

Forecast how many and what type of people you require.

Intuitive wizards

Intuitive programming guides you to predict the impact of big workforce decisions.

Financial implications

Predict the financial impact of big workforce decisions.

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Curious how your workforce works?

Understand what’s happening in your workforce to make data-driven decisions. Plan your meeting and let’s talk people.