HR Dashboards

Crunchr Stories is your HR dashboard creator. With hundreds of pre-built metrics and visualizations, you can create a fully customized Story within minutes. Adjust your metrics and visualizations on the fly with simple drag-and-drop widgets. Track your key metrics and KPIs. Apply any filters that you like and drill down. Making beautiful HR dashboards has never been this easy.

HR Dashboards

Create and Share
Dashboards in Minutes


Customizable and flexible

Easily select, adjust, resize or rearrange your preferred metrics and visualizations to design your desired dashboard.

Simple and easy-to-use

Drag and drop functionality lets you create your Story effortlessly. Making your HR dashboard has never been this easy.

Pre-built metrics and visualizations

Crunchr comes with a large set of pre-built HR metrics, allowing you to create your Stories at record speed. Custom metrics can also be added.

Save on manual work

Let Crunchr take care of the heavy lifting of data pulling and manual calculations, so that you can focus on telling your Story.


Endless filter possibilities

Strong filtering capabilities allow users to slice and dice Stories across the organization. Easily drill down to see the data behind the insights.

Drag and drop functionality

Adjust your metrics and visualizations on the fly with simple drag-and-drop widgets.

Securely share your dashboards

Easily share your Story and decide who can see what based on role and field-based authorizations.

HR Data in one place

Crunchr works as a layer on top of your existing data sources. It automatically pulls and consolidates your data in one clean place.

Insights across all HR Domains

From recruitment to talent management. From span of control to business data. Crunchr Stories enables you to make beautiful dashboards.

Data contextualisation

Arrange your visualizations across multiple pages, track targets, and add free text to contextualize your insights and to build a narrative.

Don't just take our word for it

“Crunchr is a hands-on solution that I use for both regular and strategic work. It provides me with quick insights during meetings and calls, while it also enables me to do more complex analyses on talent management and strategic workforce planning topics. To me, this is the future of HR.”

Petra Maurova

Petra Maurova

Director Global People Business Partnership – SITA

Do you want to create your HR dashboards more easily?

Crunchr Stories is your go-to-solution for HR dashboards. Forget about spending all your time on data pulling and manual calculations. With Stories, you design your dashboards with a simple drag and drop. Contact us now for a Stories demo!