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Are you no longer on a first-name basis with everyone in your growing organization? Then making people decisions based on gut instinct no longer cuts it. Your people drive tangible business value, yet are full of intangible potential. Better people insights means more business impact. By knowing exactly how people – your workforce – are doing at any moment, you can empower them to progress.


We provide you with best-in-class self-service people analytics. We spent years designing Crunchr specifically for HR. We prebuilt all meaningful metrics into Crunchr, allowing you to start analyzing people data right away. It’s easy navigation empowers everyone – not only data specialists – to make better people decisions based on data driven insights. Secure, fast and above all easy to use: Crunchr is people analytics for people. 


May your workforce be with you!

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While building your own People Analytics solution may initially be successful, it is not a sustainable approach if you want to embed people analytics across the entire organization. BI consultants and data scientists are great at building models, but you need different skills and competencies to bring these models to production and get ROI.

Buying is better
than building

Time to value | Build

It takes 1 to 2 years to manually design, calculate and visualize metrics and insights.

Time to value | Buy

Crunchr has pre-built metrics and visualizations. Implementation only takes 4 to 6 weeks.

GDPR & Security | Build

It is next to impossible to design robust authorization & security layers to comply with rules on “who can see what” and provide audit trails.

GDPR & Security | Buy

We have an enterprise-graded security model, advanced authorization layers to meet GDPR requirements and audit logs.

Costs | Build

You have to pay significant labor costs for building and maintaining analytics capabilities. Then there is technical infrastructure, BI tooling and data warehouse costs.

Costs | Buy

Crunchr’s subscription costs are a fraction of this.

Organizing data | Build

Manually consolidate and validate all your HR data into one database.

Organizing data | Buy

All your people data is automatically consolidated in the Crunchr data lake.

Innovation | Build

No people analytics expertise or innovation included. You have to drive innovation yourself.

Innovation | Buy

We release new functionality every other week and co-innovate with our customers.

Adoption | Build

You have no built-in decision support, adoption program or support from an experienced customer success team.

Adoption | Buy

Crunchr provides in-app question-based guidance for analyses. It also includes an integrated online learning environment. Next to this, the Crunchr team will support you every step of the way!