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Crunchr is intuitive, fast and easy to use. Our user-friendly platform allows business leaders, people managers and HR to answer big talent questions in mere seconds.

People Analytics

Why people analytics matters

Every business is people business. Which is why making people decisions shouldn’t be done based on gut instinct and intuition alone. People analytics provides you with the fact-based, actionable insights necessary to understand what is really happening within your organization. Let Crunchr guide you and attract, develop and retain talent like never before.

Reduce flight risk

Prevent your top performers from leaving your organization.

• Reward performance
• Engage employees

Improve succession

Ensure you have the right people in the right positions at the right time.

• Attract the best talent
• See who is absent
• Reduce turnover

Guarantee equality

Ensure fair pay and equal career opportunities for all.

• Ensure diversity & inclusion
• Break down challenges and barriers

Answer big talent
questions in seconds

Meaningful insights for better decisions

Enable your team to answer both simple and complex questions instantly. From measuring, to understanding, exploring, learning and predicting what will happen next.

Completely self-service

Crunchr’s easy navigation empowers not only data specialists, but all your HR professionals and business leaders to answer big talent questions in seconds.

Everything at a glance

Get a single, unified overview of your people and organization. Crunchr provides insights across all HR domains: recruitment, retention, DEIB, engagement, performance, rewards, succession, absenteeism, etc.


Stay in control

You decide who can see what. Your Crunchr insights are backed by a secure authorization model and GDPR compliant.

Obtain self-service insights
across all HR Domains

Attract the best talent
Reward performance
Get a grip on absenteeism
Ensure diversity & inclusion
Reduce turnover
Engage employees

Ensure quality hires by improving your recruitment process.

Know and retain your top performers.

Gain insights and decrease absenteeism.

Pay fairly and provide equal career opportunities.

Gain actionable insights to retain talent.

Analyze survey results and word clouds to improve employee engagement.

People Analytics Features

Data storytelling

Crunchr tells its users the stories behind the data. It provides context and guides you to dig deeper to obtain valuable insights.

Drill down

You can click on every metric and drill down to the level of individual employees, provided you are authorized.

Decision support

Built-in wizards support your big workforce decisions.

Integrated learning portal

Filter your data

Trend analyses

Combine data

Data quality monitor

Custom fields & metrics

Role and field-based authorization

Usage statistics

Personalized insights

Daily, weekly or monthly data refreshes

Visualize data in all types of graphs and tablets


Single Sign On

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Don’t just take our word for it

“Crunchr is an intuitive and easy to implement solution for HR Analytics. It comes with useful metrics and the ability to tell stories, drill down into the story line and discover insights. Easy to integrate on any HRIS platform. Clients are able to go from having zero to a full set of analytics in just a few months.”

Alraune Chowdhury

Alraune Chowdhury

(Former) Director Digital HR, People Analytics and Operational Excellence – Intertrust

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