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At Crunchr, we believe that amazing opportunities arise when people and organizations are truly connected. If you are a driven individual looking to join a diverse, dynamic and creative team, please see more information on our company and open positions below.

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Amsterdam & Boston Offices

We operate globally, with two strategic locations in Europe and North America. We are headquartered in Amsterdam.

70 Employees

Crunchr has doubled in size in the last two years while retaining an inclusive, helpful and welcoming work environment.

Global Clients

We partner with diverse global clients, delivering innovative solutions at scale and at speed.

Our Culture

At Crunchr, we value creativity and collaboration, and encourage everyone to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. This is reflected in our consistently high employee NPS score. We promote curiosity, highlight achievements and work towards improvement consistently.

“Working at Crunchr has been an opportunity to learn and excel, driving both personal and professional growth. The diverse and inclusive culture fosters creativity and ensures that every voice is heard.”

Nayana Ajoy

Nayana Ajoy

Data Engineer

Our Core Values

Go for Impact

We understand our clients. So they can be successful and deliver BIG results.

Keep it simple

We make complexity straightforward. So everyone can enjoy our insights.

Ready to help

We are people centric. So that everyone feels supported and empowered.

Strive for excellence

We believe that quality is important in everything that we do. So that we can be proud of our work.

How we hire

We have designed our 3-stage hiring process to be comprehensive and engaging, ensuring both your success and ours.


In the first stage, you’ll meet your potential people manager to get acquainted with our culture and the role responsibilities. We’ll also discuss your background, aspirations, and what brought you to Crunchr. It’s a chance for us to get to know you better and for you to learn more about our innovative product and the vacant role.


In the second stage, you’ll meet some of your future teammates. For certain roles, there may also be skill-based tests like an assessment or a case study to ensure that your capabilities align with the role skill requirements. And, you’re welcome to join us for lunch too if you want!


Before we take the final step, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive offer letter that includes all the details you need to know. This document will outline not only the terms of your employment  but also important information about Crunchr’s benefits, expectations, and the exciting journey ahead.

“Crunchr embodies inclusivity, creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Here, you're encouraged to pursue your own projects, fostering innovation and personal growth. The culture of continuous learning ensures that every day brings new opportunities to excel and thrive.”

Steven Curry

Steven Curry

Marketing and Brand Designer

Our Locations

Crunchr has two strategic locations, a headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands and an office in Boston, Massachusetts.

Amsterdam Headquarters

James Wattstraat 77K
1097 DL 

The Netherlands


1 Lincoln Street
Office 30-118
Boston, MA 02111
United States of America

Map showing Crunchr offices