Webinar: Why Global HR Leaders Can’t Ignore the CSRD

An image of a slide from the webinar Why Global Leaders Can't Ignore the CSRD. The image portrays a farm with green grass and a tractor, symbolizing the need for sustainable workplaces to contribute to a better earth

Watch: CSRD Own Workforce Reporting Webinar

The new EU CSRD is here and surprisingly, HR still isn’t ready for it.

Within the people operations space, many are still debating how, when, and if ESG regulations will impact them. It’s clear to see why; this level of due diligence around sustainability and compliance has never been seen before. So tune in to this webinar and learn how the CSRD can become a competitive advantage for HR and people analytics.

Previously recorded on April 3, 2024


  • Dirk Jonker, CEO, Crunchr
  • Ian Pinkett, Global People Analytics Director, Arcadis

You’ll learn:

  • How ESG regulations have evolved to and how the CSRD impacts global businesses today
  • The scope and compliance timeline for the CSRD
  • Progress being made around similar SEC regulations and how CSRD applies to publicly traded US-based organizations
  • Why HR should start conversations around workforce reporting now – before it’s too late