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Webinar: Guiding Principles for HR and People Analytics to Drive Impact

Webinar Guiding Principles Graphic

Previously recorded on January 25, 2024

Tune in today to hear two of the most prominent voices in the People Analytics space discuss how HR can drive business conversations that make an impact in 2024.


  • RJ Milnor, founder, People Analytics Partners, and former people analytics lead, Uber
  • Amit Mohindra, head of data analytics corporate affairs, Takeda, and former people analytics lead, Apple
  • Moderated by: Carol Meyers, independent board chair, former CMO, Rapid 7

You’ll learn:

  • The ways HR and People Analytics can drive business transformations in 2024 and beyond
  • Why predictive analytics is also known as “perhaps” analytics
  • The top HR metrics you should be collecting now if you want to drive big business impact
  • How people analytics reshapes the power structures in HR and the broader organization
  • The implications and opportunities of genAI in people analytics – for individuals, teams, and the organization
  • The pitfalls of building your own people analytics solution in-house and how to successfully pitch buying to the business