Crunchr and TechWolf partner up to empower skill-based people decisions

Crunchr Techwolf Partnership Announcement

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Ghent, Belgium – May 29, 2024 – Crunchr, the people analytics platform, and TechWolf, the skills infrastructure solution, today announced their strategic partnership. Their shared customers can now combine skills data with overall workforce data, empowering organizations to make skills-based people decisions and create more business impact.  

Crunchr provides people analytics solutions that leverage AI to provide insights into recruitment, retention, performance, organizational structure, workforce planning, diversity and inclusion, and much more. Crunchr combines data from all your underlaying source systems, allowing HR teams to answer all their talent questions in just seconds to help them drive strategic initiatives, measure impact, and uncover opportunity. 

TechWolf provides skill infrastructure powered by AI and APIs to enhance existing HR platforms with high-quality skill data. By integrating with the systems where employees perform their work, TechWolf ensures accurate and up-to-date skill information. 

Together, Crunchr and TechWolf, combine their unique strengths and resources to enable organizations to: 

  1. Quickly infer skills of your positions and employees and identify gaps.
  2. Analyze skills data in relation to other workforce data to discover trends and opportunities.
  3. Build powerful business dashboards and track progress towards goals.

Crunchr Techwolf Screenshot Bubble Chart

Dirk Jonker, Founder & CEO of Crunchr: “As organizations are getting ready for the Future of Work, companies want to understand if their workforce is ready and where development opportunities are. By linking skills data to the full employee life cycle, you can connect skills to hiring practices, pay policies, talent development and retention, etc. I am excited with the partnership and believe that Crunchr and TechWolf, with our complementary strengths, can solve two problems at once.”   

The combination of Crunchr’s people analytics and TechWolf’s skills intelligence offering will allow organizations to answer questions such as: 

  • What skills do we have and where are the skill gaps, by organization, department, etc.
  • Are we hiring talent with relevant skills? Do our learning programs address the skills gaps?
  • Which skills are leaving or entering our organization over time?
  • Do we have the right internal talent with the right skills for upcoming open roles?
  • Are we paying market price for the critical skills we need tomorrow?

Andreas de Neve, Co-Founder & CEO of TechWolf: “Our partnership with Crunchr is a game-changer for organizations looking to fast-track their transition to a skill-based model. By integrating our AI-driven skills data with Crunchr’s comprehensive people analytics, we empower companies to make more informed, strategic decisions about their workforce.” 

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Ralf Bovers
VP Marketing, Crunchr
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Victoria Holdsworth
VP Marketing, TechWolf
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