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Wiley and Crunchr

From Reporting to Insights:
How Crunchr Helps Drive Pay Equity and Transparency with People Analytics

Wiley, a global leader in publishing, education, and research, partnered with Crunchr to enhance its HR analytics and drive pay equity and transparency. This collaboration significantly improved Wiley’s HR operations and allowed them to achieve:

  • Efficiency Gains: Saving hundreds of hours quarterly
  • Access to Insights: Empowering leaders with data
  • Pay Equity: Ensuring fair pay through transparency
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Hours saved
Crunchr users and growing!


Building a winning company culture for Wiley, a global leader in publishing, education, and research, requires innovation, technology, focus, and transparency.  

At Wiley, the company puts a major emphasis on living out a rewards philosophy that is both competitive and fair. Zeroing in on this, Wiley’s HR team analyzes rewards from a variety of angles. These include:   

  • Externally competitive  
  • Internally equitable  
  • Legally compliant  
  • Globally consistent with flexibility  
  •  Transparent to managers and colleagues  
  • … and more 

With nearly two decades of experience, Noah Rasmussen, Vice President of Global Compensation, oversees Wiley’s compensation and rewards programs. Noah brings extensive knowledge in finance and HR to bear on the company’s holistic compensation initiatives. Initiatives include leveling the playing field with an ‘Indexed Pay’ approach to pay assessments and reducing the number of employees below the optimal salary range. 

Investing in people  

Over the past four years, Wiley has made some sizeable investments in these areas. These investments include innovative technologies, programs, and of course, people. As a result, they were looking to create more efficient reporting processes to free up time so HR could focus on more strategic initiatives.  

They also aimed to harmonize their data across various systems (HRIS, recruiting, recognition, and performance management), creating a concrete picture of the employee experience.  

The solution: partnering with Crunchr to up-level HR analytics

Wiley decided to partner with Crunchr in September 2023 to improve their people analytics reporting processes and enable better business decisions.   

Prior to Crunchr, Wiley’s HR team had always done some form of analytics, focused on overall HR metrics in addition to pay and rewards.   

Moving from reporting to insights 

’’Up until now, most of what we have done has been in Excel, to the point where we’ve got some fairly sophisticated Excel templates that refresh every week,’ Rasmussen shares when reflecting on his processes prior to Crunchr. ‘’But then we would be taking cut down versions of those files, or sharing snippets, via email, or chat with screenshots with various leaders,’ he concludes. 

Today, there are 75 team members at Wiley who use Crunchr to standardize reporting processes and deliver global insights — faster. During the next phase of their implementation, the number of users will grow to include Wiley’s leadership team. 

Looking ahead, one of their goals relative to pay transparency is for all managers to have a clear visibility into salary ranges. The hope is that this continues to encourage an open dialogue. One where everyone can feel empowered to really understand their range, how their role fits, and why they are paid the way they are paid.  

Supporting global mobility and employee engagement  

Beyond pay-related analytics, Crunchr supports Wiley’s global mobility initiatives and employee engagement strategies. As part of Rasmussen’s role managing international relocations, he is able to report on employee movements accurately within Crunchr. This helps him make better, more accurate decisions faster when it comes to supporting colleague relocations.   

Looking ahead, Wiley plans to integrate engagement data from Glint along with recognition data from Achievers into Crunchr. All of this is a testament to Wiley’s forward-thinking approach to encompassing all facets of HR within their advanced data infrastructure.     

The impact  

Early results of Wiley’s partnership with Crunchr are promising! After just eight short weeks, the team now has core HR data loaded and is adding recruitment metrics.  

By partnering with Crunchr, Wiley established a sophisticated data analytics foundation that serves as the backbone for its HR operations. What’s more, these processes are now streamlined, ensuring everyone is looking at the same data. This advanced infrastructure enables the HR team to navigate complex data landscapes efficiently, translating vast amounts of information into actionable insights.    

Crunchr’s drag and drop features and easy to use interface also saves Wiley’s HR team valuable time while gaining added productivity. And this level of efficiency can really add up. The team now saves more than 400 hours per quarter by getting their data from Crunchr. Not to mention, HR’s role within the organization is elevated as they drive discussions with insights, versus spending time simply running, cleaning, and validating data.  

These simple functionalities in Crunchr give Noah and the rest of the Wiley team the ability to spend less time focused on manual reporting and more time driving innovative HR strategies that drive the business forward.  “With Crunchr, our people leaders are able to get their questions answered very quickly. An example of this was when I shared gender gap reporting with leaders in the U.K. A couple of them said, ‘Ok, help me understand my organization. How are we doing on representation?’ I was able to quickly drill into representation by department, globally and in the U.K., representation by job level, and then show how representation changed over a year. Something that previously would take an hour or two is now a matter of minutes clicking on filters in Crunchr.” Noah concludes. 

As a company, we’ve committed to investing in fairness, equity, and inclusion in all our programs. We look at everyone globally and gauge if they are below where we anticipate them to be paid, and then guide leaders on making adjustments.

Noah Rasmussen

Noah Rasmussen

Rewards Leader