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The Medical Center Leeuwarden (MCL) is the largest hospital in the north of the Netherlands. It is one of the country’s major top-clinical centers, offering secondary and tertiary care.

  • Sector: healthcare, hospitals
  • Employees: 3.000
  • Headquarter: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • Systems/Data: core HR system + absenteeism system
Image of MCL offices and lab workers

Goal: Evidence-based HR

Sytske Sijbesma is a senior HR Advisor and one of the key drivers of a data-driven culture within human resources at MCL. Five years ago, she jumped on the trend of evidence-based HR. She completed a degree in people analytics and, together with her colleagues, put her learnings into practice by writing down a vision for data-driven HR at MCL: “the aim was to move from gut-feel to fact-based analyses”.


Consistent definitions and
easy segmentations

That is when she met Crunchr. After reviewing vendors and also considering a BI build alternative, MCL chose Crunchr to support with making data easily available. They particularly liked the flexibility and accessibility of the platform: you can segment and connect data and metrics easily. Moreover, compared to BI tooling, they enjoy that definitions are correct and consistent: independent of who is doing an analysis, an FTE, absence or turnover rate is similarly calculated. Sytske: “A BI tool is an empty database: you put something in and then something comes out. There is no context and you don’t know whether the definitions are valid. With Crunchr, we know the definitions are correct and we get suggestions for analyses”.

Discussions in
Executive Board

The analyses they do in Crunchr are discussed in the Executive Board. They are part of the monthly reports. Sytske: “The great thing is that we can show a level of granularity that we weren’t able to easily show earlier. Turnover is a prime example. We were able to move away from a generic discussion around having a turnover problem to showcasing specifically where in the organization we have a problem and where not. In some part of the organization you could argue there was even too much stability. Then you can dive deeper: does paying more or giving a bonus help reduce turnover? Or does more differentiation across job functions help? Similar analyses could be done for absenteeism.”


Another great use case is combining organizational data with capacity planning: how many operating rooms can we have up and running with current staff? How many additional hours or how much employee development (schooling) is required to increase capacity? “These are impactful conversations for HR to have at management level and Crunchr has been instrumental in enabling those.”

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