Randstad and Crunchr

Randstad is a global leader in the HR Services industry, operating in 38 different countries. Its services range from regular temporary staffing and permanent placements to Inhouse Services, Professionals, and HR Solutions. Randstad believes in being close to its customers and markets. This belief allows the company to be agile and to adjust to local demand easily. This decentralized way of working has been key to Randstad’s success.

  • 38.000 employees
  • Headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands.
  • Core HR system: decentralized per country (+/- 20 systems)
  • Global HR data, for example, L&D data is added to Crunchr
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Getting global insights
with decentralized HR

Randstad followed up on its decentralized approach by tailoring HR systems to each country’s needs instead of one global system. Although the benefits of this tailored approach are obvious, it did signify that HR reporting was very time-consuming as well as error-prone and that Randstad missed out on global insights.

Improving global reporting

Prior to teaming up with Crunchr, global HR had to email local HR directors to fill in a template with the right numbers to create an international overview. As a result, HR reporting was slow and vulnerable. Crunchr’s comprehensive, global implementation process helped Randstad to improve its data quality, to set clear global definitions and to establish uniform reporting across all countries. Moreover, these definitions allowed for comparisons across OpCo’s and a shared understanding across the company. Equally important, Crunchr saved Randstad much time consolidating data and manually building reports by automating HR dashboarding and enabling users to do self-service reporting. As a result, Randstad now enjoys consistent real-time insights across its workforce and all HR domains.


Ronald Kliphuis (Global Head of Rewards) and his team also teamed up with Crunchr to empower data-driven decisions within the HR function. They aimed to give Randstad HR professionals easy access to facts and data so that HR would gradually embrace a data-driven way of working and move away from ‘gut feel’ decision making. Crunchr’s best-in-class reporting capabilities and its self-service analytics platform did exactly that. It has empowered Randstad’s employees to use and analyze data across the employee life cycle and across topics (recruitment, turnover, diversity, rewards, etc.)

failed hires

For example, Randstad has a relatively high turnover for new-joiners. This is not always a problem as the company needs to offer flexibility to clients and to be agile to scale up and down. However, turnover also means a risk of losing relevant client knowledge and replacing people is costly. As a result, insights into failed hires (hires that leave within the first year) was particularly crucial for Randstad.


Randstad: “When people leave Randstad within the first year, this becomes very costly because we have put great effort into recruiting & onboarding them. Especially in client-facing roles (which we have a lot), this has our attention to ensure relations with clients and candidates stay intact. Additionally, imagine the number of interview hours that could be avoided if our voluntary turnover would be less. When we are better at retaining these people for longer periods, we can reduce the number of interviews which saves us a lot of costs. This is why insights into failed hires are critical to making this possible.”


Randstad collaborated with Crunchr to create a failed hires module that provides insights into how to lower its number and to save costs! It answers key questions such as: What is causing failed hires? Is it the recruitment process or the onboarding process? To what extent does the hiring channel matter? Does the type of manager play a role? “The ability to analyze our various recruitment channels’ effectiveness is invaluable when reviewing where to invest our recruitment budget”, says Graham Trevor, HR director.

Ronald Kliphuis Randstad Crunchr

Why Crunchr?

Randstad chose Crunchr because of its expertise and vision on People Analytics. Crunchr’s knowledge of HR, its analytics expertise, passion, and the possibility of co-developing functionality convinced the global HR team. They believed that Crunchr could help Randstad’s HR organization to become more data-driven.


Ronald continues: “Crunchr is built for analytics. Its foundation is not administrative or transaction like a core HR system. Crunchr builds What-if scenarios easily, and you can easily look at correlation and trends. Our favorite part of Crunchr is the power report section. You can easily drag and drop the data to create pivot tables & graphs with all your available data. The ease with which we can do this is of great value to us! Crunchr is an analytics layer on top of your HR systems. We also connected our learning & development data for insights into talent.”

Results achieved
by using Crunchr

• Saving costs by pinpointing failed hire rates and identifying where to perform effective interventions.


• Proving and disproving the value and effectiveness of leadership development programs in relation to promotions.


• Global consistent reporting on matters such as equal pay or insights on job weight.


• Previously insights on rewards required asking input from Opco’s. With Crunchr it is only one click to get that overview of all the Opco’s. This helps a lot with salary budgeting and to predict impact.


• Market data is added to the survey so they can look at the competitiveness of every Opco to oversee the salary budget. Normally, it’s self-assessment per Opco but now they can press the button and see the comparisons of all the Opco’s and take a look at the impact on the budget.


• The insights help to make better decisions. HR is bringing facts to the table and its insights help to drive business value to discuss the effect of the facts on the business model.



Do you also want to make impact?

With Crunchr, you can be up and running within weeks. Crunchr empowers HR teams to become true business partners and to make better data-driven decisions, while it allows people analytics teams to focus on analyzing and interpreting insights rather than spending time on pulling and compiling data. Contact us to find out what partnering with Crunchr can mean to you. We are here to help.