MetLife and

MetLife is one of the world’s leading financial services companies, providing insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management. It holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Financial services company
  • 43.000 employees
  • Headquartered in New York, the United States
  • Ranked 50 in the Fortune 500

Next Horizon Strategy

Over the course of the next several years, MetLife will execute on its Next Horizon Strategy, creating value by focusing on the following three pillars: Focus, Simplify and Differentiate. A key driver of this strategy is to invest in its people by continuing to create learning and development opportunities, promote inclusion, support work-life balance, and enhance an ownership mindset. Fostering a culture of innovation and employee learning is fundamental to how MetLife competes. To execute on this ambition, MetLife requires insights into its workforce. MetLife’s People Planning & Insights team will drive this strategy and it has selected Crunchr to support. Laura Shubert, VP Global People Analytics: “We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Crunchr”.

MetLife’s People Analytics

MetLife has a mature people analytics team. Still, data gathering was time consuming and getting insights into the hands of the business was not always easy. It chose Crunchr to help with four goals in mind:


1. Workforce insights over reporting
The People Planning & Insights team spent a lot of time gathering and visualizing data to meet HR reporting requirements. With Crunchr, these challenges have been solved. All HR data has been organized in one place and MetLife now has easy access to metrics and data across the organization. Additionally, customized dashboards are automatically generated, maintained, and shared. This has empowered the People Planning & Insights Team to focus on analytics and insights over reporting.


2. Immediate access to all relevant workforce & talent metrics
The MetLife team is well-experienced and works across all HR domains: from recruitment to D&I to internal mobility. Therefore, it required a solution that encompassed all relevant metrics. Crunchr was able to provide this, because all relevant metrics are pre-built into the solution. Moreover, Crunchr’s quick implementation has allowed MetLife to get insights from the get-go.


3. Metrics are consumable and answer the business questions being asked
MetLife’s People Planning & Insights team loves data, but they also recognize that internal customers can be scared away by a data overload. The team chose Crunchr because of its focus on relevance over complexity – without sacrificing accuracy. As a result, metrics are consumable and big talent questions can be answered in just seconds. Through guided analytics, users get talent insights fast and easily.


4. Get workforce metrics directly into the hands of HR and business leaders seamlessly
MetLife also wanted a solution that allowed HR and business leaders to do self-service analytics. This is exactly where Crunchr was designed for. Crunchr is easy to navigate and it guides users to learn the story behind the data. Users across the business and HR will now be able to embrace a data-driven way of working to take better talent and business decisions.

Why Crunchr?

Next to the the aforementioned goals, MetLife chose Crunchr for its:


• Meaningful metrics and insights;

• Easy navigation;

• In-tool storytelling, explanations and help features;

• Easy drill functionality to move between trends and employee details;

• Well-developed authorization functionality to meet data security and privacy needs.


Furthermore, Christine Lawson (AVP People Insights & Planning) says: “In addition to the tool itself, we have been struck by the Crunchr Team – each member really seems to get our vision and needs, the collaboration and desire to co-create stands out, and everyone I have dealt with have been great to work with. It truly feels like a Partnership”.

Do you also want to make impact?

With Crunchr, you can be up and running within weeks. Crunchr empowers HR teams to become true business partners and to make better data-driven decisions, while it allows people analytics teams to focus on analyzing and interpreting insights rather than spending time on pulling and compiling data. Contact us to find out what partnering with Crunchr can mean to you. We are here to help.