a.s.r and Crunchr

a.s.r. is a Dutch insurance company that offers its products and services via different brands: a.s.r., De Amersfoortse, Ditzo, Europeesche Verzekeringen, Ardanta and Loyalis. It provides products and services in insurance, pensions, and mortgages for consumers and SMEs. a.s.r. also acts as an asset manager and investor through a.s.r real estate and a.s.r. asset management.

The starting point of a.s.r.’s HR policy is “to bring movement”. It aims for a talented, skilled, agile and vigorous workforce to achieve its strategic objects now and in the future. Therefore it invests in development, personal leadership, vitality and sustainable employability. Decisions in all these areas should be based on data.

a.s.r Crunchr

Moving towards a
data-driven HR culture

The HR department of a.s.r. assigned 2 data analysts to start a movement towards a data-driven HR culture, but the HR data was not easily accessible. It took them a lot of time to access, collect, and consolidate the data. After a successful start, the analysts became overwhelmed with many basic reporting questions, such as the male/female percentage in the company, average hourly wages, and turnover for a specific business. The overall efficiency could be improved by 100% if their HR colleagues only had the possibility to answer these questions themselves. This triggered a.s.r. to think of a more scalable solution.


Getting value out
of HR data

a.s.r. was thinking of setting up a data warehouse for HR, which is generally a complex and time-intensive project. Fortunately, the people analytics team learned of Crunchr, which not only brings reporting and analytics functionality but also a built-in data lake. Moreover, implementation is relatively easy and only takes a few weeks.


Simone Roos says: “Crunchr inspired us with ideas to guide us in getting value from our data. A dedicated team of Crunchr consultants then helped us with structuring our thoughts and translating them into a solid business case.” Consequently, a.s.r. chose Crunchr to support its data-driven ambitions.

How Crunchr has
helped a.s.r

1. Easy access to facts and data

Crunchr made data and metrics accessible to a large group of HR professionals within a.s.r. Data was collected from different sources and consolidated into one system that is easily accessible at any given time. This saved a.s.r. much time and effort in collecting and combining data for every analysis.



2. Empowering a data-driven way of working

The biggest value for a.s.r. is that Crunchr is designed for HR. Crunchr’s pre-built metrics inspire and guide a.s.r. to discover what analyses can be done to get the most out of its HR data. “We chose Crunchr because it’s a very intuitive tool, and it comes with a variety of modules.”


“The Crunchr-consultants have a pragmatic mindset, are accessible, and are always willing to help with questions and issues. Moreover, they’re specialized in HR and have valuable expertise in this field.” Simone Roos, Manager HR Data & Analytics.



3. Fast implementation and dedicated adoption program

It was not only the solution that helped a.s.r, but also the guidance of Crunchr stimulated a new way of working with data.


“The Crunchr solution works very well. It helped us scale. We are very satisfied with the service that Crunchr offers around their solution. For example, we like the deep-dive sessions and the brainstorming sessions they organized. They truly bring HR expertise to life.” Simone Roos, Manager HR Data & Analytics.


Simone continues: “The implementation was speedy. Our data was live within three weeks. We had a few intensive days together, in which a.s.r. and Crunchr went through everything, step by step. The fact that we had a dedicated go-to person and a dedicated team at our disposal contributed to our overall success. It created an atmosphere in which we could successfully achieve this together. Crunchr’s learning and change trajectory helped us to sail smoothly through our digital transformation.”



4. Usage of Crunchr

Crunchr users within a.s.r. are the HR business partners and other HR professionals. The solution is being used for different purposes, from the collection of data on internal mobility to insights on talent retention. Usage is being tailored to the needs of the different business lines.


Crunchr is mostly used to answer questions in a fast and easy manner. Systematic reporting saves much time and simultaneously empowers the HR department with actionable insights. Weekly Excel calculations are no longer needed. Crunchr now provides a.s.r. with meaningful data-driven answers to make better decisions and has helped a.s.r. to make the next step from reporting to advanced analytics. a.s.r. is also working with Crunchr to expand its strategic workforce planning capabilities and to take on advanced analytical projects.

Do you also want to make impact?

With Crunchr, you can be up and running within weeks. Crunchr empowers HR teams to become true business partners and to make better data-driven decisions, while it allows people analytics teams to focus on analyzing and interpreting insights rather than spending time on pulling and compiling data. Contact us to find out what partnering with Crunchr can mean to you. We are here to help.