Collect and crunch
your data

One clean version of the truth

Crunchr combines, standardizes and validates your data. The built-in data lake connects data from all HR domains, giving you a unified view of your people and organization. Crunchr’s technology then organizes your data, transforms it into insights and makes it easily available in a fast and secure user interface. 


People data is usually scattered across different systems. Data quality and completeness can become an issue due to definitions of metrics that differ per country or line of business. To make matters worse, historic and current data at times becomes misaligned as a result of organizational changes. Let Crunchr unite and analyze your displaced data.

Expertly organized
people data

Data quality monitor

Crunchr enables you to fill the gaps in your data. It also draws your attention to outliers and spikes to spot (potential) problems. We help you fix data at the source.

Harmonizing definitions

Crunchr empowers you to harmonize definitions, so that metrics are aligned and insights are valid. Definitions can be configured, but will apply across your entire organization.

Data model

Crunchr’s universal data model makes it possible for your data from different systems to be combined, metrics calculated and data visualized.


Crunchr has a state-of-the-art extract, transform and load (ETL) process to easily combine data from your different systems on a daily basis.


Crunchr gives you the possibility to recast your data, ensuring that organization changes do not break your time analyses.

From data to insights

Crunchr’s technology transforms your data into easily available insights that allow you to generate real business impact.

SaaS Cloud

Crunchr is a SaaS solution. The application is hosted in the cloud and is accessible via your web browser. That means that there is no effort required on your side for software and infrastructure setup and maintenance.

Data consolidation

Crunchr works as a layer on top of your existing systems. It automatically fetches the data from those systems, providing you with a unified overview.


Crunchr can integrate with all global and local HR systems. From global core HR systems (such as Workday, Oracle and SAP) to recruitment, L&D, engagement, absenteeism and performance management systems. Crunchr can even load business metrics, for example sales data from your CRM.

Crunchr’s step by
step solution

Enterprise solution architecture, designed to scale.

intergrating data to help check if there is a great resignation
integrating data carousel two to help check if there is a great resignation
intergrating data carousel 3 to help check to help check if there is a great resignation
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Crunchr combines, validates and standardizes input from many different systems.

Have all clean data organized to deliver in one version of the truth.

A high-performance people analytics engine translates data into insights in real-time.

Crunchr is configured with your definitions and governance (data retention rules).

Manage authorization, users and roles in Crunchr or have an automated connection.

Three solutions using the same data and same calculations for a seamless experience.