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Unlocking the Power of People Analytics

Are you getting started with People analytics? What are the things you should think of when it comes to data, metrics and insights?

Our free guide will help you understand people analytics and inspire you how to gain insights into recruitment, retention, diversity & inclusion, absenteeism, rewards and much more.

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What questions do we answer?

Where to start?

We guide you towards asking the right business questions, efficient data collection, and the development of metrics, visualizations and hypothesizing solutions.

How to add business value?

We cover the importance of data-informed discussions in HR, and how you can translate this positively across all business units with People Analytics.

What challenges exist?

Embedding People Analytics in any organisation will create challenges. We expand on common problems and advise on the most efficient solutions.

Why People Analytics?

Are you no longer on a first-name basis with everyone in your growing organization? Then making people decisions based on gut instinct no longer cuts it. Your people drive tangible business value, yet are full of intangible potential. Better people insights means more business impact. By knowing exactly how people – your workforce – are doing at any moment, you can empower them to progress.

Get the Guide

Do you want to learn how to create real business impact with people analytics? Crunchr has learned many lessons about how this can be done, and we want to share our learnings with our free guide. We promise that no matter where you are in your People Analytics journey, there will be something valuable for you.