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People Analytics for

The manufacturing industry is facing disruption on multiple fronts: a challenging macro economy, strained supply chains and growing skill gaps. This highlights the importance of decision makers to use people analytics to inform their workforce strategies.

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Trends in manufacturing and its impact on the workforce

The manufacturing industry is facing disruption due to the pandemic, new technologies, and macro-economic conditions. Companies need to make workforce decisions that are grounded in data.

Changes in skills, and ESG requirements

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations and changing workforce skills are shaping the future of manufacturing. Companies can leverage these trends and opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

How people analytics can help

Manufacturing companies can use people analytics to identify the right internal talent, connect recruitment with performance, improve retention and diversity, ensure employee well-being, and find cost-saving opportunities.

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People analytics empowers HR to make data-driven decisions, while freeing up analytics teams to focus on insights instead of data collection and processing. Download our free guide to learn how it helps manufacturing companies make informed decisions on their biggest asset: human capital.