SITA and Crunchr

How SITA incorporated Crunchr to drive business transformation

Transitioning from merely reacting to company data to becoming a reference point, the implementation of Crunchr enabled SITA to drive discussions and insights centered around:

  • Hiring capacities
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Total workforce management
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Driving transformation

SITA is a global leader in air transport communications and information technology. SITA provides technology solutions, services, and products to the air transport industry, including airport operations, passenger processing, baggage management, and more. 

Spanning across 200+ countries, SITA has been facilitating seamless air travel for more than 70 years. With 2,500+ customers and a presence in more than 1,000 airports worldwide, SITA’s reach extends to 90% of international destinations, solidifying its position as an indispensable partner in the aviation industry.

The Challenges

Data decentralization was a significant hurdle for SITA. Without a centralized data system, they found themselves reacting to business requirements rather than proactively addressing them. Despite investing considerable time and effort into maintaining their data, they struggled to derive meaningful insights or drive outcomes from the scattered information.

The Solution

In 2022, SITA embarked on a journey of business transformation, and Crunchr was at the heart of this evolution. Before integrating Crunchr into its operations, SITA faced several challenges that hindered its ability to make data-driven people decisions effectively.

Crunchr revolutionized the way SITA perceived and utilized data. With Crunchr, SITA gained a comprehensive understanding of people analytics, which swiftly became the cornerstone of their decision-making processes. Crunchr provided them with a fresh perspective on their data, enabling them to leverage it strategically and effectively.

The Impact

SITA didn’t stop at mere implementation; they engaged with Crunchr on a consultancy basis to tackle broader organizational challenges. Their expertise in strategic workforce planning and data analytics proved invaluable as SITA worked towards a holistic view of its organization.

Crunchr helped SITA to actively participate in discussions with finance and business departments, armed with evidence-based insights. Their newfound ability to discuss efficiencies at an organizational level, hiring capacities, and talent management garnered recognition for their HR department—a commendation they hadn’t anticipated. Petra Maurova, Global Director People Partnerships, summarizes: “Crunchr is a hands-on solution that I use for both regular and strategic work. It provides me with quick insights during meetings, while it also enables me to do more complex analyses on talent management. To me this is the future of HR.”

Crunchr is leading the way in providing organizations with a real people advantage. SITA onboarded to the platform at lightning speed. Through close collaboration, Crunchr has helped us anchor a people analytics perspective in our organization, establish common reference points across the business, partner closely with the finance, and make sure we can answer any business question. It's showtime for HR!

Alise Rupeka

Alise Rupeka

Senior Manager Strategic Workforce Planning

Why organizations choose Crunchr

With Crunchr, you can be up and running within just a few weeks. Your HR teams will be empowered to drive business conversations, while your people analytics and reporting teams can focus on analyzing insights rather than collecting data. Crunchr is secure, fast, and easy-to-use.

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