MCL and Crunchr

Unleashing the Power of People at Medical Center Leeuwarden (MCL)

From the flexibility and accessibility of the platform adopting Crunchr, MCL can now segment and connect their data and metrics easily – allowing them to achieve:

  • Evidence-based HR
  • Consistent definitions and easy segmentations
  • Discussions in Executive Board
  • Granularity in analyzing data 
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1 week
Implementation time
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The Medical Center Leeuwarden (MCL) is the largest hospital in the north of the Netherlands. It is one of the country’s major top clinical centers, offering secondary and tertiary care.

At MCL, they believe in the power of people to drive organizational success. They also recognize that unlocking the full potential of their workforce requires more than just intuition – it requires data-driven insights. That’s why they embarked on a journey with Crunchr to revolutionize their HR practices and propel their organization forward.

The Challenges

Before embracing evidence-based HR, the team at MCL encountered several challenges. First, accessing and segmenting HR data was unmanageable. Inconsistencies in definitions hindered their ability to make informed decisions and generic discussions around HR issues lacked the depth needed to drive meaningful change.

The Solution

With Crunchr’s intuitive platform, they gained access to consistent definitions and easy segmentation of HR data, empowering us to move from gut feel to fact-based analyses. Their decision to partner with Crunchr was driven by its flexibility, accessibility, and ability to provide accurate insights. Systske Sijbesma, Senior P&O Advisor: “A BI tool is an empty database: you put something in and then something comes out. There is no context and you don’t know whether the definitions are valid. With Crunchr, we know the definitions are correct and we get suggestions for analyses.”


The impact of integrating Crunchr into their HR practices has been profound. MCL can now pinpoint specific areas of concern within the organization, such as turnover rates and absenteeism, and devise targeted interventions. 

Discussions at the Executive level have become more strategic, fueled by data-driven insights that align HR strategies with organizational goals. The analyses they do in Crunchr are discussed in the Executive Board. They are part of the monthly reports. 

Now, they can demonstrate a level of detail previously unattainable. Take turnover, for instance. Previously, discussions on turnover were generic, but now they can pinpoint the exact areas of concern and those without issues. Moreover, they can delve into areas of excessive stability, asking questions such as:

  • Does increasing pay or offering bonuses reduce turnover?
  • Does greater differentiation across job functions alleviate the problem?”


As a result, another great use case is combining organizational data with capacity planning: how many operating rooms can we have up and running with current staff? How many additional hours or how much employee development (schooling) is required to increase capacity? “These are impactful conversations for HR to have at management level and Crunchr has been instrumental in enabling those.”

Thanks to Crunchr, they’ve witnessed a transformation of HR practices. They have transitioned from relying on intuition to harnessing the power of data, driving positive outcomes for their organization. With Crunchr’s support, they’ve empowered the HR team to make informed decisions that foster employee engagement, improve retention rates, and ultimately contribute to their overall success.

HR now has evidence-based conversations with the executive board. Crunchr has been instrumental in this transformation.

Sytske Sijbesma

Sytske Sijbesma

Senior P&O adviseur, Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden

Why organizations choose Crunchr

With Crunchr, you can be up and running within just a few weeks. Your HR teams will be empowered to drive business conversations, while your people analytics and reporting teams can focus on analyzing insights rather than collecting data. Crunchr is secure, fast, and easy-to-use.

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