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Unleashing HR Potential: How Crunchr Revolutionized a.s.r.'s Data-Driven Journey

Shifting from weekly Excel calculations to data-driven insights. Crunchr has enabled a.s.r. to advance from reporting to advanced analytics. Now through the implementation of Crunchr, a.s.r can:

  • Easily access data and insights
  • Get more value out of their people’s data 
  • Have fast implementation and a dedicated adoption program
  • Have multiple usages of Crunchr for different departments
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Improvement in efficiencies
2 week
Implementation time

a.s.r. is a leading Dutch insurance company – servicing private individuals, self-employed persons, and small and medium enterprises. The starting point of a.s.r.’s HR vision is “to bring movement”. What they mean by this, is a focus on building a talented, skilled, and agile workforce to achieve their strategic objectives now and in the future. Therefore, a.s.r. t invests in development, personal leadership, vitality, and sustainable employability. They believe decisions in all these areas should be based on data to drive impact.


At a.s.r., the quest for a skilled, agile workforce faced some common roadblocks. Data analysts were overwhelmed as a result of having restricted access to HR data. In addition, they were burdened with time-consuming inquiries like the gender ratio, average hourly wages, and turnover for specific business units. Conventional approaches to data collection and analysis were also slow and inefficient.


Instead of embarking on a complex data warehouse project, a.s.r. turned to Crunchr’s comprehensive solution. With its built-in data lake and intuitive interface, Crunchr’s people analytics solution empowered a.s.r. to easily access and analyze HR data.

Guided by Crunchr’s expert consultants, a.s.r. structured their data strategy, translating their vision into a solid business case. The result? A streamlined implementation process that ensured a.s.r.’s HR data was live within weeks.

Impact and results

By democratizing access to their HR data, Crunchr empowered a large group of HR professionals within a.s.r. to make data-driven decisions. This newfound agility not only saved time in collecting and combining data but also encouraged a cultural shift towards data-driven decision-making.

Crunchr’s pre-built metrics provide valuable insights – guiding a.s.r. to discover what analyses can be done to get the most out of their HR data. The collaborative efforts between a.s.r. and Crunchr’s consultants have ensured ongoing support and continuous improvement. Simone Roos, Manager HR Data & Analytics: “We chose Crunchr because it’s a very intuitive tool, and it comes with a variety of relevant modules.”

The results speak for themselves: streamlined reporting, enhanced strategic workforce planning, and the ability to tackle advanced analytical projects. From answering basic inquiries to unlocking the full potential of HR data, Crunchr has transformed the way a.s.r. operates.

The implementation was speedy. Our data was live within two weeks. The fact that we had dedicated people at both a.s.r. and Crunchr available contributed to this success.

Simone Roos

Simone Roos

Manager HR Data & Analytics

Why organizations choose Crunchr

With Crunchr, you can be up and running within just a few weeks. Your HR teams will be empowered to drive business conversations, while your people analytics and reporting teams can focus on analyzing insights rather than collecting data. Crunchr is secure, fast, and easy-to-use.

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