The Crunchr Assistant: an AI-powered co-pilot for HR and people leaders

The Crunchr Assistant: generative AI powered co-pilot for people analytics

Amsterdam, NL / Boston, MA USA – Crunchr, the people analytics platform provider, is excited to reveal the Crunchr Assistant, an AI-powered digital co-pilot to make people insights easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Crunchr’s ethos is people analytics for people: we are on a mission to empower everyone with easily accessible people insights to ensure stronger business outcomes and a better employee experience. Crunchr Assistant’s ability to answer any natural language question through generative AI perfectly fits into this mission.


By harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, the Crunchr Assistant delivers actionable insights faster, easier, and contextually rich. This innovation is built on Crunchr’s robust enterprise-graded data privacy and security model, guaranteeing that users only access the information they are authorized to.

Ian Pinkett, Global People Analytics Manager at Arcadis, who has seen the Crunchr Assistant prototype, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “There is no doubt generative AI is changing the world, putting this in the hands of People Analytics Professionals is a very exciting prospect, especially with the guidance and built-in rights management that Crunchr offers. I can’t wait.” We share Ian’s excitement for the potential of generative AI in transforming the field of people analytics.

Our conviction is that people analytics becomes more influential when its utilization is widespread. Therefore, we are confident that the Crunchr Assistant will pioneer a significant shift in the adoption of people analytics, speeding up our mission to drive business impact through robust people insights.

Crunchr Assistant generates answers and insights in an instant

What should I do with the Crunchr Assistant?

Think of the Crunchr Assistant as a conversational partner. Ask questions or give prompts in natural language. The use cases are boundless. From equipping people managers with data on team readiness for promotions and onboarding issues, to highlighting the correlation between customer satisfaction and employee engagement for people analytics specialists, and even assisting individual employees in identifying potential career paths. The Crunchr Assistant is people analytics for everyone.

Users can look forward to precise answers, engaging narratives, and thoughtful suggestions for follow-up queries. Crucially, the Crunchr Assistant also provides users the ability to filter information across the organization and delve into the underlying data, provided they have the necessary authorization. Moreover, the Crunchr Assistant can swiftly generate bespoke dashboards. This democratization and simplification of insights will be transformative for organizations and their employees alike.

Crunchr Assistant generates dashboard

Why choose Crunchr’s generative AI?

Crunchr is recognized as the most intuitive enterprise platform for people analytics. Our product design principles are simplicity, speed and guidance. Generative AI enables Crunchr to deliver on these principles even stronger than before, while maintaining our commitment to top-tier data privacy and security.

Simplicity: Getting answers to people questions has never been easier. Just ask or prompt the Crunchr Assistant and you will receive the accurate answer in an instant, accompanied by a narrative for context and meaning. This effortless usability is a boon for users who are not naturally data-savvy, driving widespread adoption of people analytics.

Speed: By taking over the information searching process, the Crunchr Assistant significantly accelerates the delivery of insights. Answering the question “why do people leave our organization” does no longer require going to the Turnover Insights section. Instead, you get your answer instantly. All of this is enabled by Crunchr’s reliable and rapid infrastructure, providing answers without waiting time.

Guidance: Our generative AI not only provides answers but also contextualizes them and suggests subsequent questions. This way, users are guided towards deeper analysis and more actionable insights, including recommended steps to address issues.

Security & Privacy: Crunchr’s enterprise-graded data privacy and security model ensures users can only see what they are authorized to. As a company founded in Amsterdam, Crunchr is built from the ground up with the strictest GDPR rules in mind. Hence, it comes with the most advanced role and field based authorization model.

When will the Crunchr Assistant be available?

As you can see from the video above, we already have a functional prototype. Over the next few months, we will be working with customers to refine this innovation. We anticipate the Crunchr Assistant’s debut at key conferences in the US and Europe later this year, where you can experience it firsthand. So, stay tuned for more updates on this exciting innovation!

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