The innovative crunchR is the most effective all-around exercise equipment designed to align your body properly for effective abdominal crunches and other similar exercises aimed at every group of abdominal muscles. Made of light composite material and measuresuaring just 16 inches long , this simple yet highly effective ab exerciser can be carried, tucked into a gym bag or taken anywhere for a complete abdominal workout anytime for all fitness levels. Scientifically and ergonomically designed for a complete abdominal workout that targets all the ab muscles, this compact and portable exercise tool fits all ages and fitness level. From beginners to bodybuilders, the crunchR is adjustable and adapts to each individual.

Beginners often make common mistakes when working the ab areas. crunchR helps to avoid these common incorrectly performed exercises because it supports the spine, allows exercisers to isolate different abdominal muscles, and modify exercises in order to provide a customized program such as meeting the needs of those just beginning to work out for the first time or when rehabilitating during a trauma recovery. We all need strong stomach muscles as these support everything that we do physically. From every day functioning such as being able to sit properly or stand straight, to starting a workout programm and developing it, a strong core is where all the movements begin. The abs is the core area of the human body.

Bodybuilders and fitness buffs can get a challenging, effective workout that enhances their heavy training. Ab muscles should be strong as the heavier and more challenging the workout, the more this core area is used for every exercise. Strong abs are the basis of being able to perform strenuous cardio workouts, allow for the ability to carry you through a powerful weight lifting program, and provides the strength needed for flexibility and yoga and pilates type workouts. The core area is where every movement of the human body comes from. If the core is weak, there will be imbalance which can lead to ineffective workouts and even injuries. Plus the crunchR allows for a well-rounded workout that truly targets the abs, you'll develop a six pack of your dreams which enhances the aesthetic beauty of a buff and ripped body!

The secret of doing effective ab exercises is to have correct spine support. In order to get the best ab workout, all areas of the abs must be isolated and worked out separately and properly. These areas include the front abdominals (rectus abdominus) and side abdominals (obliques) and to be able to work these correctly the natural curve of the spine must be in its relaxed position and the spine should not be flattened or straightened. However, when lying on the floor or on a workout bench to do ab workouts, the spine drops. This causes the top edges of vertebrae to come tightly together thus restricting any further movement in this direction. The spine is almost locked, squeezing vertebrae discs and preventing the spine from further bending. Then when trying to do crunches and to lift the upper or lower part of the body at this moment all that really gets accomplished is to add more strain on the vertebrae and vertebrae discs. There is very little additional spine bending which leads to risk of injury and no effective challenge to the muscles. Instead of a dynamic workout, we just statically apply force to the spine in the unsuccessful attempts to bend it with our abdominal muscles.

CrunchR changes this and allows for a very effective abs workout as it encourages the natural curve of the spine. When placed under the spine, the crunchR lifts the spine slightly and allows the upper space between vertebrae to have a greater range of movement. During the exercises, crunchR supports the spine allowing it to work at it full range of movement and provides a pivot point for the spine so that each particular muscle area can be challenged properly.